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By becoming more aware of LGBTQIA+ topics, historical facts, demographic statistics, life changing legislations, geographical information as well as staying up to date on recent news can help us be and feel more grounded and more involved.

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The Canary Islands

Everybody dreams of a tropical vacation, palm trees, sandy beaches, ocean, hot weather, cocktails, and everything that goes with it. To achieve this experience, tourists …

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Men in Heels

It seems that fashion is getting more gender blended with time. Many brands are making clothes that fit both men and women. Anyone who is …

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Australia is the true definition of the New World. Whoever visited Australia will agree that everything about this continent and its cities is very much …

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Key West

Key West, a gay island! Part of the United States, it is a magnet for the LGBT population for decades. In 1983, Richard A. Heyman …

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Barcelona, also called “The City of Counts,” is a magnificent city with a cosmopolitan atmosphere on the East coast of Spain, with a long history …

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Dr. Frank Kameny and his LGBT Legacy

At 5020 Cathedral Avenue NW in Washington, D.C, you’ll find the home and office of Dr. Kameny, the “father of the Gay Rights Movement.” The …

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Puerto Vallarta

Our own excerpt

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