Overcoming Overwhelm

This mini-program combines body and mind and will guide you through concrete and simple steps to get your life back on track and enjoy your everyday.

A mini-program connecting the mind and the body

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  • To-the-point theory
  • A concrete action plan
  • 13 videos (1-3 minutes long)
  • Guided breathing exercise audio
  • Easy-2-use templates & examples

This mini-program is for you if

  • You are overwhelmed, having to tackle so many different things within your day
  • You are juggling to make everything work
  • You are afraid to disappoint yourself and others if you don’t manage everything perfectly well
  • Your day feels like a non-ending race without a pit stop
  • No matter what, you push through, feeling drained by the end of the day
  • You wonder for how much longer you will continue this way

You will discover how to

  • do things in a different way
  • be successful in your daily tasks
  • have more energy to enjoy your every day
  • feel even more proud of yourself

What makes this program different

  • Our mini-program takes into very respectful consideration your already busy schedule (so we won’t overwhelm you even more!) and brings to you a very concrete and to-the-point plan to easily overcome overwhelm.
  • Knowing about the mind-body connection, this program fully reflects that by combining physical relaxation and mind-shifting techniques.


  • With our approach combining the mind and body, you will soon be on top of your game, feeling calmer and grounded, no matter how your day looks like
  • Sooner than you believe it’s possible, you will have a clear overview and action plan to overcome whatever is currently still draining you.
  • You will be able to take your life into your hands and transform it in a way that fits the real you.

What others say

When I decided to start my sessions with The Coming Out Coaches, I was stuck in a constant loop of negative self-talking, while being so exhausted by hating my body.
After my sessions with them, there has been an amazing transformation: it is the first time in my life that at last I look at me with compassion and offer myself genuine acts of self-care!

Diana, 37

The time with Lucie and Vanessa was very educational and inspiring. We started to pay attention to things that changed our everyday life in a positive way.

Aya, 25 & Pascale, 22

The Coming Out Coaches facilitated an impactful event for our team. Lucie and Vanessa’s thought-provoking presentation challenged us and led to meaningful conversations following the session.

Rodrigo, 49

Lucie and Vanessa are INCREDIBLE coaches. I participated in a webinar given by Vanessa to improve my breathing and it was very instructive. I am applying the advice she gave me and I have noticed an improvement in the quality of my sleep.

Nadine, 29

Who we are

We are Lucie and Vanessa, The Coming Out Coaches, and our mission is for all individuals to speak and live their truth, no matter what that means to each person.

We believe that for all of us to live our truth in a way that reflects who we are and our authentic self, it’s crucial and essential to first have clarity about who we are and on as many aspects of our life as possible.

Lucie & Vanessa

Our message to you

You have the power to transform your reality right now. Say enough to overwhelm, enough to struggles. The time has come to enjoy your every day while being your true self.

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Course Includes

  • 11 Lessons