Sydney – Photo by Dan Freeman on Unsplash

Australia is the true definition of the New World. Whoever visited Australia will agree that everything about this continent and its cities is very much different from the rest of the world, from its unique nature, animals, and architecture. Its late discovery and populating made Australia like a blank canvas where society got the opportunity for a fresh start. The cities are well designed, especially giving the ample space for proper planning and building.

Demographics show that it is the most multicultural place in the world. There is no foreign nation that claims Australia as their own, considering everybody an immigrant. Australia is the land of immigrants; therefore, no one is one. That has created an environment thriving with differences. A place where being different is assumed and accepted. Sydney is one of the most diverse metropolises in the world, which will never make you feel like an outsider or a stranger.

The City of Sydney accommodating about 5 million residents is the local government area covering the Sydney central business district and surrounding inner-city suburbs of the greater metropolitan area of Sydney, New South Wales.

Sydney – Photo by Mudassir Ali from Pexels

Sydney is at the head of many top lists in the world, for being the biggest and most famous city in Australia, a financial capital, a touristic attraction, an educational center, for its best living, and its economic conditions, for its sports, art, and many more.

Sydney, also known as ‘City of Celebrations,’ is alive and vibrant all year round with a remarkable atmosphere, astonishing architecture, and extraordinary people. You can spend months in this amazing place and not be able to see all the attractions the city has to offer. And most of them are located just anywhere, on every corner of every street. One can barely make a few steps without intercepting a historical building, a modern restaurant, an art performance, sports events, or a beautiful landscape.

It could seem too much to mention all the things to do and experience while visiting Sydney. Here are some starting points of exploring this wonderland.

Sydney Opera House

A work of art and architectural masterpiece, the Sydney Opera House in Circular Quay, hosts more than 40 performances each week. You cannot visit Sydney and not take a closer look at the Opera House.

Sydney Opera House – Photo by Liam Pozz on Unsplash

Sydney Harbour Bridge

Nicknamed “The Coathanger,” the Sydney Harbour Bridge is one of Australia’s grandest engineering achievements. Visitors are free to walk or cycle across this massive structure, and that’s something you don’t want to miss.

Sydney-Harbour Bridge – Photo by Simon Steinberger on Pixabay

The Royal Botanic Gardens

Greenery and pockets of nature are to be found at every corner, but the queen of all is the Royal Botanic Gardens. It is an Oasis of 30 hectares in the heart of the city. At the edge of Sydney Harbour, the Gardens occupy one of Sydney’s most spectacular positions.

Sydney Royal Botanical Gardens – Photo by Gilberto Olimpio on Unsplash

Sydney Aquarium

The SEA LIFE Sydney Aquarium is one of the world’s largest aquariums – hosting more than 700 different species and 13,000 animals in a majestic six million liters of water.

The Darling Harbour

The Darling Harbour is a popular recreational complex adjacent to Sydney’s city center, with breathtaking river views and plenty of restaurants to keep you well-fed and entertained.

Sydney Darling Harbour – Photo by David Jia from Pexels

The gay side of Sydney

Australia is the 5th most LGBTQI friendly country in the world. In 2017 Australia legalized same-sex marriage with a public vote where more than 60% of people voted “Yes” to same-sex marriage. LGBT people can serve in the military, adopt children, and are protected by antidiscrimination laws. Regardless of just recent legal equality, Sydney was one of the world’s Gay capitals for decades. The LGBTQI community has been included and active in the life of the city, long before the legalization.

Each year in February-March is held the traditionally and world-famous Mardi Grass Parade and festival. It is the equivalent of Australia’s Pride with a parade and dance party attracting many international and domestic tourists.

Sydney Mardi Gras Parade – Photo by Juliette F on Unsplash

The parade is spectacular, with floats, music, and representatives from multiple organizations around Australia, including police and defense force personnel. The first parade was organized in 1978, which makes it one of the oldest ones in the world.

Like everything else in Sydney, gay life is vibrant all year round. Numerous LGBT bars, clubs, saunas, theaters, restaurants, and many more are part of a regular night and day entertainment of the city. It is common to see the rainbow flag proudly indicating a gay-friendly establishment. With the growth of the LGBTQI community, the entertainment aspect grew, as well. A city as open as Sydney makes everything seem gay-friendly regardless if it is specified as LGBT or not. The entire social, family and career aspects of a homosexual life are fully included in this city.

One of the rare cities that publically shows recognition to gay history

In 2001, took place the ceremony for the uncovering of the large pink triangle at the Gay and Lesbian Holocaust Memorial monument. It aimed to honor all homosexual men and women who have been murdered, tortured, and imprisoned because of their sexuality. 

It commemorates the memory of those who were victims of oppression during the Nazi Holocaust in the Soviet labor camps. It is also dedicated to gay and lesbian victims of violence in Australia and throughout the world. Many visitors take a few moments to pay their respect to the victims at the Gay and Lesbian Memorial.

Sydney is a jewel of the LGBTQI world. We are proud of that beautiful city as much as the city is proud of us!

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