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It seems that fashion is getting more gender blended with time. Many brands are making clothes that fit both men and women. Anyone who is following fashion shows and magazines can see that men’s fashion is becoming more colorful and extravagant. Classic suits are now reserved mainly for corporate jobs. Even for red carpet events, more men are showing their unique designers outfits instead of looking like a black and white army of tuxedos. Fashion is a fun game where men can finally find their signature look. We can often witness some amazing unorthodox looks of famous and successful men wearing haute couture, jewelry, makeup, and wigs. But nothing was more controversial than the latest trends of high heels. Men’s high heels took the fashion world by storm. It is still a daring statement to wear them, but it is not unusual.


High heels for men may seem like a revolution in fashion, but it isn’t. It is more of a comeback, as the heels were part of men’s style long before they became a ‘’woman’s thing’’.  As most of the things in fashion, the heels originated for practicality. As a measure of safety for horseback riders, in the early centuries, it was preferred to have a heel on the footwear. That quickly became a tool among the aristocracy to appear taller. And we all know in the men’s world, the size does matter!     

In the 17th century, Modern high heels were introduced to Europe’s nobility. They quickly became a symbol of social status. Fashion trends were dictated by the aristocracy who were celebrities of that era. King Louis XIV wore heels to accent his rank and as a class distinguishment. 

The high heels were so famous and popular that even some official regulations needed to be written. Authorities began regulating the length of a high heel according to social rank: 0.5 inches for commoners, 1 inch for the middle class, 1.5 inches for knights, 2 inches for nobles, and 2.5 inches for princes. The design was also different for men and women. Men wore thick heels, while women wore skinny ones. With the French Revolution, aristocracy went out of fashion, and so did high heels.

For the next few centuries, men’s high heels got reduced to an inch on formal shoes and some boots. Except for brief fashion waves during the 1970s and 1980s, men’s heels were discreet and plain. It was not a fashion statement but just a practical solution.


We can certainly connect the growth and acceptance of the LGBT community with the grand return of high heels for men. Although men’s fashion is still faithful to the low-heel classic shoes, the trends are slowly changing. This time around, there are two trend categories. The first option is high heels specifically designed for men, which are more discreet, chunky, and few color varieties. The other option would be shoes intended for women, flashy, rain of colors and designs, but in a bigger size.

Attracting celebrities

Gay icons as Madonna, Beyonce, and Lady Gaga featured male dancers in high heels in their music videos. Social media then took this to another level, providing the opportunity for regular men to show off their passion. Nowadays, the internet is flooded with pictures and videos of young men bravely walking the streets wearing camp outfits and heels. This trend inspired many celebrities and designers to present new looks. 

Robert Downey Junior, Harry Styles, Justin Bieber, Lenni Kravitz, Adam Lambert, Jared Letto are just a few that proudly enjoy the extra inches.

Some other men appeared to wear woman’s high heels as a part of their performance or an act. Justin Timberlake, Liam Hemsworth, Chris Pratt, Jimmy Fallon, and many more found their way in woman’s shoes.

High fashion designers presented entire men’s fashion lines, including heels in the design. These styles are featuring on the pages and covers of fashion magazines. The high heels and men in women’s shoes are becoming a global sensation.
Next Spring, men will have their pick of high heels by Emilia Petrarca, 2016

Where to acquire them and how to wear them

For regular people, it is still extravagant and not broadly accepted. If you desire to buy a pair, you may need to search a little harder to satisfy your taste. The majority of men are wearing sizes 43 (10.5) and higher. Walking in the regular boutique and finding that size of women’s shoes can be an impossible mission. One would have to go to specialized stores or have the shoes made for them. Most men are more likely to order a pair from websites like Amazon. Mainly because of the much wider choices offered online. There are also websites focused on just selling women’s shoes for men, and they deliver worldwide.

It would be correct to assume that men are not trained to wear high heels from a young age. So if you decide to try it out, it will take some time to learn to walk safely and adequately. It is not easy and requires a whole new technique of walking. Many tutorials are available online to teach the correct way, from how to choose the shoes to body posture, way of walking, and all the necessary details you need to know.
How to Wear High Heels (for Men), Co-authored by wikiHow Staff, March 31, 2019

High Heels Race

For competitive types, and if you feel entirely confident in your skills, there are organized races for men in heels. Madrid Pride is traditionally organizing one every year during Pride week. But this also became a trend for both straight and gay men. Many events worldwide are including this competition, either for fun or for a charitable cause.

Townsquare Media Grand Junction Runs in the Men in Heels Race

Annual high heels race takes place in Madrid

The trend of High heels is for everybody, no age restriction, size, or shape. As long as you enjoy it or willing to try, you should do it. Some would even say that every man should try it at least once so that they know how women feel. 

‘’Don’t judge anyone until you walk a mile in their shoes.’’

Men appearing wearing heels

Lady Gaga – Alejandro

Madonna – Girl Gone Wild (Official Music Video)


Chris Pratt Runs In Heels

Liam Hemsworth and Jimmy Strut in High Heels

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