Barcelona city – Photo by Walkerssk

Barcelona, also called “The City of Counts,” is a magnificent city with a cosmopolitan atmosphere on the East coast of Spain, with a long history and vibrant art culture. It is the largest city of the autonomous community of Catalonia as well as the second-most populous municipality of Spain with a population of 1.6 million people. 

Things to do in Barcelona

The main city attractions are its unique architectural landscapes and buildings. The most famous are the attractions called the Gaudí wonders. The buildings and monuments designed by Antoni Gaudí are sprinkled all over the city. The Spanish architect is known as the most significant representative of Catalan Modernism designed. One-of-a-kind style of his work became a distinguishing characteristic of Barcelona, with his main work, the church of the Sagrada Família, as one of the modern wonders of the world.

Barcelona, Sagrada Familia

One hundred forty years after Gaudí first became involved with this project, it is still merely three-quarters finished. After its completion, Sagrada Familia will be the tallest church in the world resembling no other building known so far. Sagrada Familia is just one piece in the Gaudi’s map of Barcelona. Visitors shouldn’t miss seeing the Park Güell and its terrace with undulating mosaic benches offering an unforgettable view of Barcelona. Casa Batlló is a building in the center of Barcelona considered as one of Gaudi’s masterpieces.

Barcelona, Park Güell – Photo by Vitor Monteiro,

Additionally to Gaudi’s Wonders, Barcelona has many more attractions to offer which will make your visit way too short to explore them all. You can visit the Magic Fountain of Montjuïc, Picasso’s Museum, the Barcelona Aquarium, and the largest football stadium in Europe, Camp Nou, which is the home of FC Barcelona.

Barcelona is a metropolis on the coast of the Mediterranean Sea with almost five kilometers of beaches and more than three hundred days of sun per year. During the day time, the beaches are places to sunbathe and relax or participate in many casual sports activities. At night, many beach areas convert into festivity spots with music and drinks. Locals gather to escape the concrete of the city and affordably have a good time.

Barcelona coast – Photo by Enes

LGBTQIA aspects

Spain is an open and liberal country regarding LGBTQIA rights where same-sex marriage, adoption, and military service are all legal and socially accepted. The evidence is an exciting and well developed Barcelona LGBT scene. With numerous gay clubs, bars, hotels, as well as with countless cultural, social, and festive events, which are accessible to everyone. Barcelona’s gay life revolves around the l’Eixample district, also known as “Gaixample” thanks to the LGBT community that has settled there over the past few decades. You can find gay-friendly shopping, dining, and nightlife which you shouldn’t miss. World-class nightlife will last through the evening and well into the morning. The Barcelona Pride is usually scheduled in June every year and is one of Europe’s most significant LGBTQIA events that made Barcelona the host of World Pride 2019.

The entire city of Barcelona is gay-friendly so LGBTQIA visitors won’t feel restricted. The city has to offer delicious cuisine, no matter if it’s street food or at one of the excellent “Michelin stars” restaurants. Live music performances in bars and open spaces are adding to its communal and happy atmosphere.

Moving around 

Eight metro lines interconnecting all the city’s districts and parts of the metropolitan area are part of a well organized public transportation system. Thanks to the fantastic Mediterranean weather, a large number of people are riding bicycles by using more than two hundred kilometers of bicycle lanes. Cycling is the most accessible and most affordable transportation mode, especially if you wish to enjoy the architecture and landscapes. And for those being in a rush and prefer comfort, distinguished black and yellow taxi vehicles are always an option.

Best time to visit Barcelona?

A perfect time to visit Barcelona is in early summer and fall, especially May to June and September to October. During the winter, the weather can get crisp and cold due to its proximity to the mountains but often remains sunny. Snowing days are rare and never last more than a couple of days.

Barcelona is one of the top touristic destinations in Europe and one of the most diverse cities with excellent cultural features, art exploration, beautiful nature and landscaping, top-class touristic experiences, or simple moments of relaxation and fun.

This city offers you so many activities and at the same time, makes you feel accepted and welcomed!

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