Puerto Vallarta

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A beach Town

Puerto Vallarta is a famous resort town on the Pacific coast of Mexico and a big draw for gay travelers. Vallarta is named ‘’San Francisco of Mexico’’, because of its resemblance to gay cultures and an open lifestyle. If there is one place in Mexico where gay people can feel at home, that is Puerto Vallarta. It is not uncommon to see gay couples walking in the streets or at the beautiful beaches, holding hands. The gay population is mainly a mix of Mexicans and Americans, although, as in any touristic place, you can find multi-national diverse people from all over the world. English is a universal language, and you will be understood where ever you go.

Puerto Vallarta has a population of 200.000 inhabitants and some thousands of visitors and travelers creating an urban atmosphere. You can find malls with world-known brands for a fantastic shopping experience as well as modern cinemas, theaters, museums and everything a big city has to offer. It is a town of delicious street food as well as elegant restaurants for romantic dates or celebrations. 

Puerto Vallarta is perfect for entertainment, thanks to numerous parties, resorts, and festivals. At the same time, it can be a quiet, idyllic escape. Puerto Vallarta offers big luxurious hotels for people with high expectations and budgets but also smaller sanctuary-like resorts, for a romantic getaway with your partner or for a private space for yourself. For those wishing to escape from the city, there are plenty of places nearby where you can find authentic Mexican culture. For example, the botanical garden with its restaurant in the middle of the jungle will take your breath away.

LGBT travelers will feel welcomed almost everywhere in this open and gay-friendly beachside town. Your vacation won’t be long enough to explore all the numerous luxurious gay resorts, bars and clubs as well as the rich culture and beautiful nature. For all of these reasons, people keep returning to Puerto Vallarta! 

Legal Situation

Same-Sex marriage is performed in 16 states of Mexico, including Puerto Vallarta and Mexico City, and it is legally recognized by all Mexican states.

General Information

The most enjoyable time to visit Puerto Vallarta is between April and June when the weather is pleasant. During these months, rain is rare, and there are fewer tourists compared to the winter high season. 

Best transportation means are taxis and rental cars.

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