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The Coming Out Coaches are presenting you the Gay Side of Life

A safe space where you can transform yourself into the individual that you always dreamed of becoming. You are ready to live your life in a way that being you is the only way of being, the only way of living, the only way to be free, to thrive, to be happy, to love and be loved, and to have a fulfilling life being true to yourself!

Programs and courses

6 Lessons

Breathing & Beyond

The combined power of Oxygen Advantage ® and Neuro-Athletics (z-Health®) presented to you in live sessions during 5-weeks

11 Lessons

Overcoming Overwhelm

This mini-program combines body and mind and will guide you through concrete and simple steps to get your life back on track and enjoy your everyday.

What else you can find on the GSL

Learning Space

Smaller and bigger programs for your transformation to becoming and loving the amazing individual that you are. Check out our courses.


Where you can gain access to our programs. We plan to add physical products that spread joy in the near future.

Sharing Forum

A safe space to exchange information, insights, and also questions that arise while you are following along our programs.

Life Stories

Individuals share their personal stories with the aim to inspire, express themselves and also to create awareness of the variety of each one’s reality.

Facts & News

Information on LGBTQIA+ matters. We owe it to ourselves and our peers to acquire valuable insights on various aspects of our diverse and colourful community.

Group Coaching

You are definitely not alone! Our sharing sessions provide a safe space and support among amazing individuals that are going through similar experiences & challenges.

Membership Program

We are so happy that you are here and we are looking forward supporting you to transform your life and fully allow the authentic you to come out! Come out to life, come out and embrace the amazing individual that you are!

We offer you our learning space on our membership platform with an entire program to take you from compromising, pretending, hiding, suppressing, suffocating who you are to being free, to spreading your wings, to fly and breathe, to enjoying being you, and to finding your people, to being surrounded by individuals that get you and that appreciate you for who you are.

Our group coaching sessions and sharing forum give you the opportunity to connect with incredible people all over the world in a whole other level. You will find a safe and compassionate space where you receive support and also give support to others through your own experiences, building a strong community with people that love, appreciate and respect themselves and the others around them. 

Contact us if you have questions or check out our offers.

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